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What we look for

What we look for

Our staff work with clients to diagnose problems, identify opportunities, develop sustainable strategies and validate initiatives and programs to embed change within an organization.  The work is hypothesis-based, highly analytical, often ambiguous and intense.  Our staff demonstrate exceptional analytical and interpersonal skills, and a demonstrable ability to generate insight from data.

We believe in the ‘apprenticeship’ model of consulting. The skills required to pursue our profession require many years of relevant experience working alongside senior consultants. As a result, successful candidates will generally come from a recognized management consulting background, with at least three years’ experience preferred.

We also look for the following characteristics:

  • Academic track record: An outstanding academic track record, typically with a distinction average, from a leading university. We do not discriminate on degrees but we typically hire from the fields of finance, economics, engineering, legal, business and science.
  • Analytical and problem solving skills: Strong analytical and problem solving skills are the essence of why clients’ engage us. These skills will be rigorously tested during our selection process in a series of case study interviews.
  • Curiosity: We value curiosity. The most successful management consultants possess a deep curiosity that sees them always pursue expert status on the issues important to the issue or industry within which they are working.
  • Commitment to creating results: We value those who want to create real change and deliver sustainable results. We seek pragmatic value adding solutions as opposed to academic approaches.
  • Team and communication skills: The ability to work within a team and communicate clearly is essential. We do not believe in a competitive culture and value those who help their team members succeed.
  • Leadership skills: Leadership is important to us and we look for evidence of leadership skills and abilities. We recognize that people seek to lead in different ways and we value the difference in styles as well as the areas where people seek to lead.

We do value industry experience and regularly involve leading industry thinkers as external experts on our engagements. If you have deep industry experience please feel free to contact us if you wish to be considered as an expert we could involve in our future work.


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